Francis Menton, in the US journal 'Manhattan Contrarian' explains why climate change seems to have faded by showing data from the easily-available UAH global lower troposphere record, derived from satellite sensors. That record exists from 1979 to present, shown in the latest chart from UAH going through the end of June 2018.


A large group of active and former Fellows of the UK Geological Society has written to their national president society urging a re-evaluation of the society's position on Anthropogenic Global Warming (aka 'climate change').


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In this important paper, German scientist Uili Kulke, quotes Henrik Svensmark, head of solar research at Denmark’s Technical University in Copenhagen: “The climate is influenced more by changes in cosmic radiation than by carbon dioxide”. CO2 has an effect, of course, “but it is far less than most current climate models assume, and also less than the influence of cosmic radiation”. In his opinion, a doubling of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere would cause an increase in global temperature of at most one degree, and not two degrees, as is now generally accepted.


In a hard-hitting speech, former Australoian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has called on his country to follow the United States in pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. "Knowing what we know now, we would not have made the Paris agreement. But if we wouldn’t have done it, had we known; we shouldn’t be in it, now that we do." (The late Professor Robert Carter, at whose Commemorative Lecture Mr Abbott spoke, was a founding member of our Coalition).


Dr John McLean, of Melbourne, Australia, an expert reviewer of the IPCC Report of 2013 has exploded no less than 17 myths about 'climate change'.

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