This post is a video of Zoom presentation by Emeritus Professor Geoff Duffy, of University of Auckland, New Zealand, to a men's group, The Shed, in which he explains the difference between weather and climate and the Sun-driven factors that drive the temperatures of Planet Earth. (To start the video, click on the small triangle in the lower lefthand corner, so that word "Play" comes up).


U.S. logician, Dr David Wojick, posts at WUWT: "As a logician, I am always on the lookout for fallacies and there is no lack of them in climate change alarmist policies. New Zealand’s newly released climate risk assessment not only has multiple fallacies, they build on one another in a cascade."


This post contains a pre-release extract for a new book by Danish economist Bjorn Lomborg in which he singles out New Zealand as a country whose current left-wing Government has committed it to a "zero carbon" economy that is unaffordable and will have no measurably material effect on climate behaviour by the end of the current century: "Given the expected temperature increase by around 2100, this means that New Zealand going net-zero by 2050 will postpone the warning that we expected to see on January 1, 2100, by about three weeks to January 23, 2100."


Distinguished U.S. analyst Dr David Wojick posts at CFact: "Few people appreciate this amazing fact, that CO2 in the air is the global food supply. Our meat, fruit and veggies, also our candy and ice cream, milk and wine, are built almost entirely from carbon dioxide and water. Everything we eat and drink.There is also a bit of nitrogen, to make protein, plus a bunch of trace minerals and vitamins, but you and I are basically composed of processed H2O and CO2."


In this lengthy Word.docx, which may take some seconds to download into your Downloads folder, experienced New Zealand investigator John Rofe recounts how the U.N. management and its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has misled the world about unnatural global warming (now called "climate change" in the absence of the alleged warming), and plans to refer to our country's Serious Fraud Office our National Institute for Water & Atmosphere (NIWA) and two top Government Ministers.

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