In the New Zealand Parliament, the Green Party has introduced a Bill known as the "Zero Carbon" Bill. It has passed its First Reading and been referred to the Environment Select Committee for public comment. Later this year, the Bill will have its Second Reading, at which stage the Opposition National Party is being urged to vote against it, thus putting the heat on Government Coalition partner, NZ First to decide whether the measure proceeds or goes no further. Our Climate Science Coalition chair, Hon Barry Brill has made a 5-part submission to the Select Committee urging it to recommend that the Bill is rejected:

Submission No 1pdf

Submission No. 2pdf

Submission No. 3pdf

Submission No 4.pdf

Submission No 5.pdf

The Irish Climate Science Forum offers a comprehensive 2019 overview of the observed science: "The latest research and observations indicate that while there is an anthropogenic Greenā€House Gas (GHG) influence, it is considerably less than depicted by the IPCC. Much more is also now understood about solar and other natural influences, weather events and many physical observations. Objective analysis of the facts points to prudent mitigation action butdoes not indicate a looming climate crisis."


Also from (exellent site!) an American certified electromagnetic compliance engineer with more than 30 years practical experience in high power radio frequency and microwave applicationsapologies for this post being highly technical, but explains why his critique of the CO2 driven climate change theory is based on a practical understanding of the intersection between chemistry and electromagnetic theory.


Sorry not to have found this earlier but this post from tells the full story about how the lie about 97% of scientists agree with man-made global warming was cooked up.


David Shelley, now retired, who was a long-serving member of staff of Geological Sciences at the University of Canterbury, and latterly Dean of Postgraduate Studies, writes in 'The Australian' newspaper: "Climate change is a defining issue of our time, especially for young people who are persuaded that we are doomed unless urgent action is taken on carbon emissions. Activists, with some success, are demanding climate emergencies be declared around the world, making those demands on the basis that temperatures are at record highs, glaciers and sea ice are melting at unprecedented rates, and sea levels rising dangerously. A cursory examination of the geological literature shows that the first two assertions are simply not true, and that rising sea levels are par for the course."