Up-dated 25 September 2015 (Originally posted 31 August 2015)

Long-time member of our Coalition, Dr Gerrit van der Lingen explains in this essay why we skeptics are the "black swans" of the climate debate.  "Looking back on my fifteen years of involvement in the climate debate, a song from the opera [Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg] keeps popping up in my memory. It is the song the main character in the opera, Hans Sachs, sings: 'Wahn! Wahn! Uberall, Wahn!' (Madness! Madness! Everywhere, Madness!). I have tried to combat this global 'Madness' since 2000, without much success. The only hope for an end to this collective madness will be when the planet continues to cool, as predicted in many 'peer-reviewed' scientific articles. When earlier discussing the science philosophy of Karl Popper and his 'falsifiability' principle, I mentioned his 'white swan-black swan' example. As climate realists (skeptics) have falsified the catastrophic man-made global warming dogma time and time again, we can now call them the 'black swans of climate science.'"

Download updated pdf [here ](black swans essay (2).pdf)

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