Posted 2 August 2012

"In the theory of man-made climate change, two-thirds of the predicted warming comes from changes in humidity and clouds, and only one-third comes directly from the extra carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases. The theory assumes humidity and clouds amplify the warming directly due to CO2 by a factor of three: extra CO2 warms the ocean surface, causing more evaporation and extra humidity. Water vapour, or humidity, is the main greenhouse gas, so this causes even more surface warming. Not many people know that. It is the most important feature of the debate, and goes a long way to explaining why warmists and sceptics both insist they are right. ...The sceptic's main suspect is the sun. While the sun's radiation is roughly constant, its magnetic field varies considerably....Clouds cool the planet, so if the sun's magnetic field wanes, then it might get cooler here on earth."  Dr David Evans explains in Australia's Melbourne Age here

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