Posted 20 January 2016

Members of our Coalition have been shocked and saddened by news of the death last evening of one of our founding members, Professor Robert M. (Bob) Carter, in his home city, Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Bob suffered a massive heart attack four days ago, which left him in a coma from which he never recovered.   HIs wife Anne sent us this message: "We are very sad to inform you that Bob passed away peacefully this evening in the company of his family...One thing for sure, Bob made the most of every minute he had, and was a fighter to the very end."

Heartland Institute has posted this great bio on Bob's career, which also contains links to Bob's writings and audio-visual presentations:  LINK 

Note: the last of the audio-visuals in the above link is a 2-part interview Bob had in 2010 with our Coalition's Terry Dunleavy, and is an excellent exposition of Bob's views of the futility of trying to stop "global warming" while ignoring the need to adapt to events the climate confronts us with. You need to click separately to Part 2. 

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