January 20, 2010, 2:23 am News

Posted 21 January 2010

"Mr. Pachauri has already come under intense criticism not only for his own arrogance but for multiple conflicts of interest (which admittedly hardly makes him unusual in a policy strata that also contains Al Gore and Maurice Strong). Now the issue is whether he will be thrown under the climate juggernaut in order to keep the policy charade going. Even New Scientist, which printed the story on which this inverse pyramid of alarm was built, and which has traditionally been in the True Believing mainstream media camp, is demanding answers on how pure speculation could become an IPCC 'finding,' which was then so vigorously defended by Dr. Pachauri. This is not just a minor matter that needs a little clearing up. It is further evidence that the entire IPCC process has been corrupt from the start." Peter Foster in Canada's National Post.


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