Posted 26 November 2015

"Radical Islamist terrorists just maimed and murdered hundreds of people in Paris, dozens more in Mali, still more in other nations. They promise more atrocities in the United States and around the globe. Meanwhile some 40,000 bureaucrats, politicans, scientists, lobbyists, activists and journalists plan to enjoy five-star Parisian hotels and restaurants, while attending COP21, the 21st UN Climate Change Conference from November 30 through December 11. ... [These] world leaders are determined to hammer out a punitive treaty that will keep billions of people impoverished, send billions more into abject poverty, and ruin Western economies - while the Islamist terrorism continues. This cannot be allowed to happen."  This strong 2-part paper by Dr Roger H. Bezdek, president of Management Information Services Inc, USA, is a must-read.

Read Part 1 here 

Read Part 2 here  

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