Posted 6 March 2014

The anthropogenic global warming hypothesis has become a quasi-religious dogma. Its beliefs have penetrated all spheres of political and human life. A whole pantheon of articles of belief has been created around the DAGW hypothesis, even some that have not been put forward by the IPCC. A prominent one is the belief that man-made global warming is causing unusual extreme weather events, such as floods, droughts, bushfires, heat waves and hurricanes. However, historic data on such events refutes this article of belief. Environmentalist’s belief that there has been an increase in extreme weather events is therefore based on historic amnesia. In this essay DR Gerrit van der Lingen looks at some recent flooding events and suggests that some, together with other phenomena, such as a change in solar activity, may be an indication that the world is entering a cooling period, rather than further man-made warming, as believed by environmentalists. (Thanks to SPPI in USA)

Download paper here

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