Posted 7 May 2015

"Of all the ecclesiastical Christian leaders in the world today, one you would expect to thoroughly understand the problems faced by the poor in Africa would bge Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appia Turkson. Born into a poor family in Western Ghana, Cardinal Turkson was the fourth among ten children of a carpenter father and a mother who sold vegetables in the open market. 

"Calling for 'brave and determined' guidance from religious leaders, Turkson told delegates [at the Vatican climate meeting] that actions on climate change 'must be grounded in morality, oriented by morality and measured in terms of human flourishing and well-being'. If June's encyclical letter on the environment is to encourage this objective, then Pope Francis must have the courage to ignore the politically correct but irresponsible advice of his advisors, and simply tell the truth: climate will continue to change no matter what we do."  Tom Harris, of the International Climate Science Coalition, writing in the Nigerian Echo. 

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