Posted 29 March 2013

:When we are talking about science, we are not talking about what John Tyndall found in a test tube, but predicting what happens to temperatures in response to small changes in the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere. The science is inherently weak because it is not capable of being falsified in the here and now. It is weak because it doesn’t appear to preclude several years of standstill in average global temperature, or even, for all I know, declines in average global temperature. Neither does it preclude it snowing in March – contrary to one of the most famous prophecies made by any climate scientist. ‘Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,’ predicted David Viner of the University of East Anglia in March 2000." Author Ruipert Darwall, speaking at the launch of his book, "The Age of Global Warming." 

Read fuill speech here

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