Posted 6 February 2011

NZCSC chair Barry Brill and skeptic blog Wordshine have collaborated to produce challenging papers that question the validity of the recent update on New Zealand temperatures by the National Institute of Water & Atmosphere (NIWA). The six papers are:

  1. Salinger's 7SS has gone forever:   more here
  2. NIWA's 11SS no longer receives a mention:  more here
  3. The "Ship's Paper" has sunk; "Wellington Altitude" is non grata; etc    more here
  4. Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) didn't "Peer Review" the report:   more here
  5. The graph of the new NZT7 is unconvincing:  more here
  6. Schedule of Adjustments for the NZT7:  more here (pdf takes a while to download) 

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