Posted 19 November 2017

American analyst Dr David Wojick  warns of a new term in pseudoscience: attribution research. "In UN-speak it is called simply 'loss and damage.' This is the unfounded idea that people adversely affected by bad weather are 'climate victims' and as such they should be compensated by the developed countries that supposedly caused the weather to be bad. The potential amounts involved are staggering so it is no under that the developed countries have steadfastly resisted the idea in UN climate negotiations...We are talking about untold trillions of dollars. The Bonn negotiations have produced a draft decision on loss and damage which takes new steps forward. The ste-s are small but still dangerous...they open the door for what is called 'attribution research' to enter. Indeed, attribution is all about the juiced up models showing more bad weather. Since no two models agree on where the bad stuff will occur and there are over 100, all run by government agencies, they can always find one that predicts whatever happens. The attribution game cannot lose because it cheats well."

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