Updated 22 October 2015 (First posted 15 October 2015)

"You heard it here. 'Human emissions of carbon dioxide have saved life on Earth from inevitable starvation and extinction due to lack of CO2'. To use the analogy of the Atomic Clock, if the Earth were 24 hours old we were at 38 seconds to midnight when we reversed the trend towards the End Times. If that isn’t good news I don’t know what is. You don’t get to stave off Armageddon every day. I issue a challenge to anyone to provide a compelling argument that counters my analysis of the historical record and the prediction of CO2 starvation based on the 150 million year trend."  Extract from the Annual Lecture of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, UK,  given this year by Dr Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace in 1971.

Link here 

Now, watch it here  on YouTube (Moore says it's his best ever performance) 

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