Posted 28 March 2015

"Let me begin with a simple, and surely and incontrovertible, proposition. It is that the abundant availability of fossil fuels, combined with the wit that has allowed human beings to exploit them, is the greatest blessing ever to have been visited on the species. After all, without them no BBC at all, and no University of Oxford - well, at least not as to be recognisable today,"  Thus begins a letter to Lord Hall, Director General of the BBC, written by Rupert Wyndham, a former Times journalist, now 70, who describes his interests as "travel across the world and enhancing my carbon footprint for its benefit. Challenging politicians, clergymen, dishonest broadcasters and other assorted riff-raff". He was protesting about a BBC broadcast describing shareholding in fossil fuel extraction as "an ethical issue".

Read letter here 

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