Posted 3 August 2011

Professor W J R (Will) Alexander, is a distinguished hydrological scientist who has served South Africa and the United Nations in top official water management capacities, and latterly as a Professor at the University of Pretoria. In previous years, he produced a series of papers demonstrating that extreme climatic events such as floods and droughts fell into a pattern of predictable periodicity related to solar cycles.

With South Africa's  Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa, saying in recent days that a legally binding agreement on future climate change mitigation commitments at the forthocomign UNFCCC (CIOP17) conference in Durban is impossible, Professor Alexander has produced two papers in comment, as well as a copy of his 2008 prediction of serious African droughts.

Tuesday 2 August 2011
Email 04/11 from Professor W J R (Will) Alexander, Pretoria, South Africa

Mission accomplished

Dear all,
I started compiling this set of memos more than a week ago. The title of this memo was intended to refer to my successful climate prediction model. Then yesterday, out of the blue, came an article in Business Day referring to South Africa's policy at the forthcoming UNFCCC conference in Durban at the end of this year. I expanded my memo to include comments on this very important change of position by South Africa which is no doubt also the position of other African nations (more than 50 of them), let alone the other major developing nations including China, India and Brazil.
I have also included a few notes on the IPCC's position regarding the influence of solar activity on global climate. This was another pathetic attempt to convince the world that human activities were the sole cause of all observed climatic anomalies.
Now it is the turn of the developed nations to be on the defensive. Consider for a moment the huge expenditure on climate change research in the past few years. Consider also the embarrassing position of the nations that have already imposed restrictions. How are they going to explain these measures to their own citizens when the majority of the nations of the world will refuse to impose them on their citizens? It must be very obvious that these restrictions by the developed nations can have no influence at all on global climate, never mind our own studies that show that these measures would be fruitless in any case.


Memo 03.11 Crossroads  - download here

Memo 04.11  Mission Accomnplished download  here

2008 Prediction  Urgent submission - download here

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