Posted 15 February 2013

Matt and Janet Thomson,were beef feedlot farmers who were run off their property at Narrogin, WA, by environmental and state government bullying. They both have agricultural degrees, and brought their children and capital to Australia in order to develop a state of the art feedlot in WA. The bullying started after completion (with heavy capital investment) of building the feedlot, when Matt spoke up at a local meeting about the fact that the truth is not being told to the public on the DAGW issue. From that point on the pressure built remorselessly, until the Thompsons were forced out of their business.
If you have never read the Thompson’s story, then it is worth visiting this link of Joanne Nova’s, who did an absolutely magnificent job in trying to help and support them whilst they were in Australia:

For text of address by Janet to Texas cattlemen, download pdf [here](dancing with the devil.pdf)  

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