Posted 7 August 2011

The Coalition has asked the High Court to quash NIWA's official NZ temperature record, but this case cannot be heard until next year. Meantime, policies based on NIWA's advice continue to cause great harm to New Zealand businesses and households. The Coalition has therefore invited NIWA's board of directors to institute an immediate review of the accuracy of recent amendments published by its Climate Group. The Coalition's request is prompted by its own peer-reviewed audit which shows virtually no warming over the period cited by NIWA.

Download letter to chairman Mace [here](mace 40711.doc)
Download Coalition audit paper [here](nz unaffected by global warming.pdf)
Download Audit statistics: Main [here](main_rept_on_niwa_7ss_review v5.pdf)    Supplementary [here ](supp_report_on niwa7ss reviewv5.pdf)
Download media releases[ here ](nz   and [here](nz temps   and [here ](niwa

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