Posted 4 February 2012

Here is posted the second set of papers by Professor W J R  (Will) Alexander explaining the consequences of climate science being an unverified hypothesis. For best understanding, we recommend reading ther previous posting on this site, titled as Part 1. There are five documents in this set which comprises Part 2 of Prof Alexander's paper (also included are the table of contents of Prof Alexander's Handbook for Analytical Methods of Water Resource Development and Management  and the full text of Chapters 4 and 10 of that handbook; also the table of contents of Prof Alexander's paper  Climate Change and Its Consequences  - an African Perspective):

For further explanatory memo, download pdf   [here ](unverified hypothesespart2.pdf)

Pdf of table of contents of  Handbook   [here ](02.handbook table of contents.pdf)

Text of Chapter 4 - Climate and Solar Activity  [here]( activity.pdf)

Text of Chapter 10 - Climate, the Natural Environment & Agriculture  here

Table of contents of Tech Report  here 

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