Posted 4 February 2012

Distinguished South African scientist Professor W.J. R. (Will) Alexander has just published two sets of papers to help people understand that climate is not a steady state phenomenon with random variations about constant mean values. Natural changes of the mean value itself occur on all time scales from years through to millennia. Any attempt to determine human influences on climatic processes has to be sought against this background. Climate change theory rests on two interlinked hypotheses: first that increasing discharges of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will increase global temperatures; second, that higher temperatures will; have a whole range of undesirablke consequences. Prof Alexander explains why these hypotheses are as yet unverified. (Note that the figures referred to in the text will be found at the conclusion of the text. Note also, his second set of papers appears in the next posting on this website).

Download pdf  of Part 1   here 

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