Posted 21 July 2016

 For the International Climate Science Coalition, Dr Tim Ball and Tom Harris, have responded to alarmism generated by Democrats in the U.S. Senate:. "The best answer to many of the claims by Senate Democrats during their three-day 'Web of Denial' climate change campaign in Congress this week is also the simplest: 'So what?'...Gravity and sunrise are also real. That doesn't imply we cause them or that we would be better off without them. Climate has been changing since the origins of the atmosphere. The only constant about climate is change. Furthermore, the world has mostly cooled for the last 3000 years. [They say] 'Manmade climate change is a fact.' So what? It is obviously warmer in urban areas than in the countryside because of manmade impacts. But the only place where carbon dioxide increases causes a temperature increase is in computer models programmed to show exactly that."

Read it here  

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