Posted 28 February 2011

"Never has an important national policy issue been so surrounded with public dishonesty and deliberate ambiguity of language as is the issue of dangerous, human-caused global warming. Choreographed over the years by green lobby groups, politicians and commentators alike now participate like puppets-on-strings in an entirely faux public gigue involving words or phrases like 'carbon' (when they mean carbon dioxide), 'pollution' (when they are referring to an environmentally beneficial trace gas), 'settled science' (when the science is hotly contested, and the onus of proof of danger still rests, unattained, with the climate alarmists of a discredited IPCC), 'climate change' (when they mean dangerous global warming), 'energy efficiency' (in the same breath that they rule out the environmentally friendly baseload energy source represented by nuclear power) and 'international good citizen' (at a time when international action on climate policy has never been less certain)."  Professor Bob Carter writing in Quadran*t*.    More 

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