Posted 12 February 2012

Professor W J R  (Will) Alexander wriotes his third chapter about 'global warming as an uverified hypothesis: "Until now climate change scientists have successfully avoided facing an independent panel of experts. They have gone further by vilifying those who disagree with them. I have personal experience of these tactics. What is happening here in South Africa, is that the professionals who will be expected to implement or adapt to the postulated consequences of climate change, have started to question both the theory and its postulated consequences. This is what I have been doing ever since 1993. My efforts are now bearing fruit but there are still a few hurdles ahead. Read and enjoy!".

Download pdf of memo "Deathbed" [here ](memo 03.12 deathbed.pdf)

Download pdf of updated memo "Climate change science is an unverified hypothesis" [here](climate change science is an unverified hypothesis.pdf)

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