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Posted 6 December 2012

A plea from this website:

The three items below not just beg, but in the name of humanity positively scream out for, the question:

When will someone in authority, somewhere, anywhere!, have the intestinal fortitude/intellectual honesty to ask:

Where is the evidence, justified by observation and the scientific method, that anthropogenic additions to the present miniscule level of 0.039% of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere will ever, or can ever, cause "dangerous global warming"?


  1. Attached graph showing temperatures (recorded by IPCC's main source) dropping while CO2 continues to rise. (download [her](co2 graph.pdf)e)

  2. Attached third letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon from 133 international climate scientists.(download here)

  3. More unsubstantiated nonsense from said UN Secretary General:

"Ban's comments echoed the concerns of China and other developing countries, which say rich nations have a historical responsibility for global warming because their factories released carbon emissions into the atmosphere long before the climate effects were known."

extracted from:


Meanwhile, cash-strapped citizens of the free world are either already paying or threatened with paying through the nose to achieve control of the uncontrollably natural variations of climate of a planet that has shown its capability to look after itself for millions if not billions of years through ice ages and warm periods.

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